Pilot Locked out of cockpit- The Plane crash could be deliberate


Ok, so we have buy media gotten the information that they found the black box and are still investigating on what could have happened. We now now that one of the pilots when to the bathroom and wasn’t able to go back into cockpit. He knocked lightly on the door and the other pilot inside didnt answer. He allegedly knocked harder and still no answer. This si where it turned into panic as he tried to force himself in the cockpit.

From CNN.

Why would a pilot get locked out of a cockpit, unable to get inside as a plane descended and crashed into the French Alps?

That’s the latest mystery stemming from the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. Audio from the plane’s cockpit voice recorder reveals one of the pilots trying to smash down the cockpit door in the minutes before impact, The New York Times reported, citing an official involved in the investigation.

“If indeed all this is true, it sounds like he was deliberately locked out, and this is frightening,” CNN aviation analyst Les Abend said.

Another aviation expert said the news carries a “very sinister overtone.”

Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief and managing director of airlineratings.com, said the cockpit door has three positions — locked, normal and unlocked. Locking the door prevents a pilot from using a keypad and emergency code to get in.

He said the odds of this happening accidentally while the other pilot becomes incapacitated and moves a control stick to a dive seems to be “beyond the realms of mathematical possibility.”

Nonetheless, a variety of theories remain on what may have caused the crash, which almost certainly killed all 150 people on board.

From: Independent.co.uk

The descent to destruction of the Germanwings Airbus may have been a deliberate, suicidal choice by the pilot who remained in the cockpit, French aviation experts believe.

They said  that a conscious decision must have been made by the remaining pilot to put the Barcelona-Dusseldorf flight onto a downward 11-minute descent until it collided with a mountain in the French Alps.

Following the revelation that one of the two pilots was locked out of the cockpit , the experts told the French news agency AFP that events pointed to either the suicide or sudden illness of the remaining pilot.

Our thoughts go out to the victims, family and friends…